Team Wagstrong

Meet Team Wagstrong

Dr. Juli Goldstein ( Stryder’s forever Mom)
President / Founder

Juli Goldstein

Stryder was the most special gift to me anyone could ask for, without him I will forever have a hole in my heart. In his passing, he continues to inspire me to help others dealing with illness and loss of their animal family members. I know that he is up in Doggie Heaven having a blast guiding others in their journey.

My family includes his younger brother Pacer, a rescue tabby Aubie, and a parakeet Sprite. We all miss Stryder dearly and continue to keep his memory alive through the Foundation. My hope is to help others to WAG Strong!

Stephen McCulloch
Co- Founder
Vice- President / Treasurer

Stephen McCulloch

Bio coming soon.

Christie Gonzalez

Christie Gonzalez

My name is Christie Gonzalez and I am thrilled to be a part of The Stryder Cancer Foundation. I joined SCF in memory of my good friend Stryder and his lovely mama, Juli Goldstein. He was such a great dog and it was difficult to lose him to cancer. But it was even more difficult to know what to do to support Juli in her loss.

There are not many organizations out there that help people deal with their grief over the loss of their four-legged family members and even fewer organizations that work to try and prevent that loss through medical and monetary support.

I feel that Juli's mission for SCF addresses these issues in a positive manner that helps keep families together. That is why I am so proud to be a part of this foundation. My family includes my husband Josh, my 9-month-old son Jacob, and our two cats, Bologna and Tuna.

Rebecca Emmons
Board member

Rebecca Emmons

Pacer Goldstein (Stryder’s little brother)
Chief Spokes-dog

Stryder's Little Brother

Stryder was the best big brother in the whole world! We loved to play frisbee and swim on the beach all the time! He taught me how to swim in the ocean and to sneak food when mommy and daddy weren’t looking. Our favorite treat was steak! I was very sad when he became sick and lost his energy to play. I stayed with him through all his treatments that mommy took him to the doctor for. I will always miss him and want to help other dogs that become too sick with cancer to play. Together we can help others to WAG STRONG!